Baby Bibs - a must have item for babies

05 September, 2016

Do you love a clean ambience and want to keep your baby clean all the time then you must need an item – that is baby bib. Bibs are must-have when it comes to protecting your baby’s clothes from all kind of food stains. Cheap baby bibs UK is flourishing the market as well.

Using a baby bib will save you from having to set your baby’s clothes through the wash after every meal. When your baby spit out the purred of carrot or strawberry fromage in his or her entire dress the true value of a decent bib is apparent to you.

Baby bibs

The conventional style of bib is a semi-circle of toweling with ties for the neck but you could also select pull-on bibs, long sleeved cover all super bibs, rigid plastic bibs with in-built crumb trays, disposable bibs and many more.

As long as the bib does not obtain in the way or is uncomfortable to wear, it’s a case of the bigger the better once your baby obtains into the idea of feeding him or herself.

Basically you don’t need to buy baby bibs straight away. A muslin or cotton cloth draped over your baby’s front will cover your baby well and you also can wash it easily. It’s when your baby gets a bit older and can able to pull off whatever you put him on her. You may go for some manufactured bib with child proof fastenings.

Types of baby bib

You might look at the types of bibs and some of the latest baby feeding products.

Traditional toweling bibs

You can go for some small versions of traditional toweling bibs for young babies to help to protect clothes from milk spills or formula and dribbling or you can buy larger versions for when your baby begins to eat solids.

You typically attach them with ties or a Velcro fastening or they have a stretchy head hole that you pull over your baby’s head.


Plastic scoop bibs

These have a feature like an in-built curved scoop tray like thing at the base of the bib. So whenever food falls into the tray it catches rather than falling into your baby’s lap. They typically have an adjustable hole and popper neck fastenings. Some bibs also have a toweling top and a removable plastic scoop.

Cover all bibs

Generally made from plastic coated fabric or flexible PVC these bibs are designed to allow maximum protection for toddlers in particular. It covers the front and some versions come with full sleeves while others cover the shoulders and upper arms. They are normally fastened with ties or Velcro.

Disposable bibs

These throw away type bibs are normally made from strengthened paper. You can find them generally in packs of 20 and they will frequently have a waterproof backing as well as an absorbent front. Adhesive tapes are used to attach the baby’s clothes though some brands have neck ties.

Final thoughts

Hope this article will be helpful to you to find the best baby bibs from the market or you can get baby bibs with sleeve for your little one. Share your suggestion with us or feel free to ask if you want to know more about baby bibs. Comment in the box below.  

Shan on 14/04/2018
Should babies clothes be socked before starting to wash them..... Pls I need a advice
Cathrene on 12/06/2016
Very informative and nicely written
raj casts on 11/03/2016
Awesome post, I got some unique idea
Santosh on 05/01/2016

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